Ricky Lo is an internationally-awarded photographer, whose passion and talent lies in taking high-impact, visually-striking photographs focused on fashion and advertising. Known by his industry peers, colleagues and friends as a diligent go-getter, he graduated in 2011 with a Bachelors’ Degree in Advertising Design from The Hong Kong Polytechnic University and was subsequently awarded “Best of Show” in the graduation show of the same year. Ricky has been a force to be reckoned with ever since: as a young and rising photographer, he has already showcased his standout work in exhibitions from London to New York, Berlin to Milan and all across Asia. Moreover, Lo has also won prestigious awards from around the world, most notably as the recipient of the Red Dot Design “Best of the Best” 2011 Award in Communication Design and as the grand winner of the World Retail Congress 2011 - Retail Futures Challenge. With added expertise and experience in art direction, model casting, creating custom-made props and professionally retouching final shots, Ricky is as versatile in his skills as he is committed to his artistic vision. His clients—including Alexander McQueen, Lane Crawford, Prestige Magazine, Schön! Magazine (London), Prestige RUNWAY Magazine, Wall Street Journal, Shima Seiki (Japan), Esquire (HK), Belvedere Vodka, Post Magazine (SCMP), Kee Club, Paypal and HKTDC—are testimony to his much sought-after talent.

Bringing his unique view, multi-faceted approach and creative strategy to each and every shoot, Ricky is also known for his razor-sharp attention to detail. Acclaimed for his signature style of using simple lighting, Ricky allows the subtle complexities of each shot to be gently infused through the mood of the images. His educational background in advertising design has seamlessly translated to his vision and philosophy as a photographer, lending his images a memorably quality that not only communicates a strong vision, but also allows the audience their own space for thought and discovery after first sight. In Ricky’s photography, he believes the process, communication and chemistry are all equally important in achieving a beautiful final product. Taking inspiration from moments in life, conversations with friends old and new, architectural structures and classical paintings, Ricky leads us inside a vividly stunning world with every click of his camera.

In Ricky Lo’s Photography Studio, we are privy to a visually captivating and creatively compelling portfolio that is an online extension and presentation of Lo’s artistic journey, his creative collaborations and personal brand. The result is rich artistry and imagination that is balanced with his technical talent and expert eye for detail and design. He is always looking to join forces with passionate, creative, dedicated and inspiring individuals.